What is FRE8?

FRE8 is transforming the trucking industry by enabling both shippers and carriers to open just one app and book a load at an upfront price instead of wasting time in work negotiations. FRE8’s extensive experience(*From a team perspective*) of rapidly building and optimizing transportation networks unlocks value for everyone involved.

How does FRE8 work?

FRE8's robust 'FRE8 Pro', 'FRE8 Connect' and FRE8 Universe technology platforms provide both shippers and truckers with dependability, efficiency, and a seamless experience. It’s a platform and service which helps shippers and truckers collaborate, take control of their freight and deliver on their goals with peace of mind.

Who does FRE8 serve?

Truck drivers, trucking companies and shippers.

How does FRE8 help shippers?

As a shipper, you can use the FRE8 Connect platform to find truck drivers near you that are ready to carry your loads. The best part about the FRE8 app means that you do not have to make phone calls, haggle, or spend time looking for contact information, rates, and more on emails or websites. Just open our app!

How does FRE8 help carriers?

As a carrier, FRE8 eliminates the need for any repeated back-and-forth negotiations before accepting shipments. Our application simplifies all of your interactions with shippers, including payment processes, logistics, booking and tracking. Essentially, you do not have to co-ordinate with each shipper individually or sift through high and low cargo carrier jobs near you, as you can simply use FRE8 Pro to connect with shippers and they can also use it to find you. We can even help you book a return load ahead of schedule, so you do not end up wasting your time or gas.

How much does it cost to use the FRE8 platform?

Nothing. We just charge a nominal commission on each delivery.

How to sign up for FRE8?

This varies depending on whether you want to make a FRE8 account to be a shipper or a carrier. No matter how you plan to use the FRE8 app, you will need to provide your first and last name, company name, cell phone number and business email address or driving license. You must also agree to our terms and conditions.

How to sign up As a Shipper

If you plan on using the FRE8 app for shipping, you will first need to confirm that your shipments are staying within Canada. Then, you will have to choose the methods of moving freight that your company uses, including less-than-truckload, 53-feet refrigerated full truckload, 53-feet dry van full truckload, parcel, and flatbed.

How to sign us As a Carrier

If you are searching for pickup truck owner operator jobs via the FRE8 platform, you will have to provide some important information as you sign up. Most importantly, you need to submit your MC or DOT number, a valid certificate of insurance that shows your cargo and auto liability, your bank account information to receive ACH direct deposits, and in the case of intrastate carriers, state-level motor carrier registrations or permits. You will also have to agree to the Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement, which is essentially the terms and conditions.

What is the Requirements for Shippers?

Most businesses that ship within Canada do not transport hazardous materials or anything requiring special handling and therefore should be eligible to ship with FRE8 under our normal regulations. There are no official limits as to the size of cargo that is accepted, but other options may make more sense for you, depending on what you have to send. For example, you would probably not send a single small bag with FRE8 as it is not the most economic option. FRE8 does not place a limit on how big or small your company can be to avail its services.

Requirements for Carriers

To keep everyone involved safe and deliver a high-quality service, there are some FRE8 requirements for carriers. The first of the FRE8 driver requirements is that you need to be an authorized carrier with your own DOT or MC number. Additionally, you need to have a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 for auto liability and $100,000 for cargo liability. In the case of reefer carriers, you also need breakdown coverage. In some cases, you can sign up for FRE8 without your own DOT or MC number. This would require you to see if your carrier company has signed up. If that is the case, the fleet owner could use the fleet management tools for booking loads, tracking shipments, and authorizing drivers so that they can accept loads. This requirement means that not all owner-operators will be able to use FRE8 with the same level of freedom they hoped. But, you should not be upset with this restriction, as it is the law. Any other similar application will have the same limits in place.

Requirements for Trucks

When you sign up with FRE8, you will also need to confirm that your FRE8 truck meets our requirements. The requirements are pretty vague, so as long as your truck meets federal and state regulations, you should be fine. The only big requirement is ______________.

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Powering Shipping, Simplifying Shipping with FRE8 Connect

FRE8 Connect matches carriers with shippers. Just tap a button and instantly book a load, and the price you see is the price you get – no more back-and-forth negotiations for either party!

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